University of Abuja

Centre For Distance Learning and Continuing Education


Welcome to 2020/2021 Academic Session, 2019/2020 is gone, here we are in a brand new session. Results will be out soon and every student will know where he or she stands. For those of you who haven't done well as expected here is another chance to improve. However for those of you who have done great, you can always do better. Academic Success can always be improved, the only person who do not need to improve is the dead. The following are tips that can help you improve this success.

  1. Start Early: it is important to start early this session, registration is the first thing to do, don't wait till dead line before you register. For you to have uninterrupted online flow with your facilitators, you need to register. Note by University standard any student who is not registered cannot be regarded as a student so stay connected by registering on time.
  2. Study Hard: there is no short cut to success, success come by hard-work. Whoever fails to prepare is preparing to fail, so what do you want? Studying hard involve interacting constantly online, get involve online, visit the LMS regularly to update yourself, do all assignment on time, don't ask people to do it for you. Doing your assignment yourself is another way of studying. Seek for more materials, to stand out, you need to be a step ahead of others. Don't limit yourself to just your course materials, seek for additional knowledge, it will help you. This can only be achieved when you start studying early.
  3. Ask Questions: if confuse on any matter ask questions, if its academic seek help from your course adviser, facilitators or those who can genuinely assist you. No question is foolish in an academic setting. The biblical principle of ‘ask and you shall be given’ is not only with God, but also with man.
  4. Seek Help: the help desk is created to help student in dilemma seek answer to pressing issues. You will always get genuine help from the help desk. For issues beyond the help deck, especially when confidential, contact the counsellors. CDL & CE have well seasoned counsellors who can always help you. Don't seek help from wrong source, has this will only complicate your problem. With the counsellors your secret are kept. Confidentially is our watch word.
  5. Stay out of trouble: it is important to stay out of trouble this session, don't get involve in fraudulent activities because, and this will only jeopardize your effort as a student. Nobody can alter result for you, don't fall into the hands of fraudsters. If you work hard enough, then success is grantee.