Here are tips you can follow in reading dificult materials;

  • Read the title and the first paragraph.
  • If there is a summary at the end of a chapter, read it. Get grasp of how the material is organised. If you need more background seek another source. Now decide if you have enough background to begin reading.
  • Look for main ideas
  • Look for titles, headings, and subheadings. Pick out topic sentences. Utilise graphs, charts and diagrams. Take notes while you read.
  • Look up words
  • Look up words whose meanings are important to your understanding of the material, but you cannot discern from the content.
  • Monitor your comprehension
  • Periodically stop and ask yourself, ‘’what have I learned’’ connect this to what you already know.
  • Reread
  • If you do not comprehend an idea, go back and reread. Restate difficult ideas in your own words.
  • Read to the end
  • Do not get discouraged and stop reading. Ideas can become clearer the more you read.

When you finish reading, review to see what you have learned, and reread those ideas that are not clear.