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The UniAbuja CDL&CE will provide you with a degree respected everywhere - and an inspiring, challenging, rewarding experience you won't find elsewhere.


The program has a unique focus, to take advantage of the new narrative of Africa rising. This narrative defines the emerging environment in Africa as the next economic frontier. It also seeks to intervene in the informal sector by producing graduates who would recognize local opportunities, help to formalize and modernize the sector and by so doing generate new dynamics of development that will lead to the elimination of unemployment and mass poverty. Particular attention shall be devoted to the culture and tourism industry, Agro-business and technology management.


The 4 sessions with A/L qualifications (200L Direct Entry)

  1. Candidates must have 2 A/L passes or its equivalent but O/L Credits should include Mathematics and Economics.
  2. In addition to the above requirement, Holders of HND/ND/OND/NCE/Diploma Certificates in the Faculties of Social Sciences, Sciences and Education of accredited tertiary institutions can be admitted without prejudice to prescribed O/L requirements.
  3. Holders of Bachelor’s Degrees from Arts, Education, and Social Sciences may be admitted without prejudice to prescribed O/L requirements.

The 5 sessions with O/L qualification (100L)

  1. Candidates must have 5 Credits at one sitting or 6 credits at 2 sittings which should include Mathematics, Economics and English Language and any 2 of Arts or Social Science Subjects.


Application fee: 

  • Application form: 12,000 inclusive of service charges.
  • Communication skills course: 3,000
Current school fees: 
  • First-year (100L/200DE): 65,900.00
  • Subsequent years (200-500L): 58,900.00 
Note: The University can review the school fees for the next session, at her discretion.


It is a simple process to apply at UniAbuja CDL&CE, and you'll get an initial decision in few days. An application can be made by following the steps below:

  • Fill the online application form
  • Make payment (Application Fee)
  • Receive admission status in few days
  • The admission manager may suggest to you eligible programmes, based on your submission.
  • Application to 200L direct entry may take more than a week for processing.

Both your telephone and email must be accessible to you at the point of filling the application form. We want to be sure that what you have filled is valid and belongs to you, so we will be verifying them. You will be receiving admission updates and school news via these mediums, so you should use valid and accessible contacts. You cannot use a telephone number or email that has been registered on the system. You should use your own telephone number and email.

You should have with you a digital copy of your passport photograph, not more than 200px by 200px in dimension, and 150kb in size. Acceptable file types include jpg, jpeg and png.


B.Sc Economics